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Adeline Yeo 2016 (2)


GOH Artwork_2 edited

“Adeline has established herself as a true artist who expresses her feelings and experiences in life through the medium of art. Now in her book ViVa! Life Illuminated  launched in early 2013, she further shares her thoughts and passion through simple but honest blending of beautiful words that burn with creativity and freedom of expression, and by communicating her deep thoughts to the reader, Adeline gives us further insights into her emotions and her perception of life.”

– Mr Tan Soo Khoon, Singapore’s Non-Resident Ambassador to the Czech Republic and former Speaker of Parliament.


Colin Addy

“a touch of exuberance, a sensuous and sublime embodiment, at times a
spirituality for living… these words evidently denote the personification
of Addy’s art.”

-Mr Colin Goh, CEO, The Old Parliament House Limited (renamed The Arts House Limited).


Addy’s art pieces never fail to amaze me. Like a magnet, the more and longer I stare, the deeper I get into its world. Which is full of life, warmth and teaches me to give… give of myself to areas of need. “很耐看!

– Dr Ting Choon Meng, CEO, HealthStats International.


Tan Chee Meng & Addy

“Adeline’s style is unique, vibrant and refreshing”

– TAN Chee Meng, Senior Counsel and Deputy Managing Partner, Wong Partnership.


Addy is a magnet herself.. Just like Addy’s Art ~ It draws extraordinary attraction and creates life in a another spectrum. Addy’s Art itself is a burst of color, fire, passion and confidence. The Art exudes a higher level of exuberance, life and breakthrough ~ A heartbeat that is everlasting! Her Art connects the heart, mind and soul.. A true blessing and joy to own Addy’s masterpiece!

Angeline Teh

– Angeline Teh, Associate Director, Private Banking, UBS AG.


Addy is such a talented, creative artist, full of vivid imagination with refreshing perspectives. Her art is a burst of colour; breathes of hope, faith ; passion. Highly inspirational and uplifting!

– Serene Chua, Senior Director, Private Banking, AMN AMRO.


Addy created for me a truly inspiring piece of art which takes centre stage in my living room and truly brightens up the entire house!

– Ronnie Wee, IncuVest Pte Ltd.


“Addy’s Heartbeat ..The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real. The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity and to me, Addy has achieved that. Her biggest contribution to the world is her ability to draw and her power in creating happiness for others through her works of art.

– Catherine Ng, General Manager, AFFLUENT Media.


“Vibrant, lively, full of layers! Addy’s art reflect her heart. Her choice of subjects also shows her compassion as well as her passion for creation and our Creator. It’s a fitting tribute to Him who gave her the talent. Kudos Addy!”

Christine Sipin, Edipresse Plus.


Often a maelstorm of colours and uncannily vivacious, Adeline Yeo’s art is the epitome of uplifting art. As an artist, Adeline is unafraid to come face to face with even the deepest of emotions and beliefs which give her work a unique thought provoking quality. It is, in essence, art that feeds the soul.

– Melissa Lwee-Ramsay, Editor,


“My first up close and personal encounter with Addy’s art was ‘Serendipity’ – a painting that made me aware of the many serendipituous moments in my life since I hung it up at my Bar and Showroom. I find Addy’s works expressive, vibrant, inspirational and full of life. It clicks!”

– Adeline Tan, Founder, LINS Smoodees and The Healing Concierge.


Addy’s art transcends the visual and emotional. It speaks volumes about her inner self, her attitude towards life and opens the door into her soul. Those who are fortunate enough to own her works will understand how blessed we are.

– Desmond Soon, Director, Singapore Institute of Technology.


Addy has truly brought “Colours in Life” to live in her latest works – whether it’s Mirage, View from the Top, Kingdom Empire or Celebration of Life. Her abstraction focus on the next dimensions of the mind, heart and spirit provides the audience even more possibilities in appreciating and interpreting her works. It is a well-known fact that colour psychology is powerful and she has cleverly used it to reflect the senses in her topics.

– Thomas Choong, Founder, Xi Yan Private Dining.


“Addy’s art is spiritual, expressing the colors of her deepest soul in shades of emotions that is simply her. Authentic perceptions touched by divine inspiration. “

– Dickson Lim, Deputy Director, Development, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.


Addy’s art brings me a thousand reasons to believe in life, to smile, to cherish much.

– Katherine Yew, Accountant, Wikborg Rein & Co.


“Addy’s paintings transport me into a land of happiness and love. All her works speaks of one’s journey in seeking love which is a beautiful journey. She teaches me that love can be in many forms, in nature, friendship, God and in loving oneself. And of course, having Addy as a beautiful, inspiring and loving friend, it’s a different level of love altogether.”

-Susan Leong, Assistant Brand Manager, Asia Pacific Breweries (S) Pte Ltd


Addy’s passion and energy shines through her use of colours. Her unique art pieces are a testament to her creativity and they always make me feel like a child all over again. Success feels fun and easy in the presence of Addy’s art!

 – Zoey Lim, Financial Consultant, Advisor’s Clique, Great Eastern Life.


Adeline Yeo has the knack to both intrigue and fascinate with her art.

– Aaron Wong, Executive Director, CEO, Japan-Singapore Business Consultancy.


Addy’s art is the essence of the ebullient artist herself – it is like taking a drop of sunshine, a slice of the rainbow, a sprinkle of melancholy and a sliver of steel, and pulsing it together with a big dollop heart to create an explosion of life’s flavours on a canvas. Her pieces are a celebration, a determined choice to cherish beauty while acknowledging that darkness is not only present, it is present so that colour and light can shine ever brighter.

 – Eileen Aung-Thwin, Writer


Addy’s art is a reflection of her spirit – fearless, vibrant, and full of love. It’s what the viewer feels when looking at a piece, and what her friends feel when they’re with her.

– Claire Alcoba Miranda, Volunteer, Community Leader at TCKID.


Adeline Yeo uses her fingers as deftly as a divine angel, creating the most abstract of abstract artworks punctuated with glimpses of discernible birds and surreal swirls of flowers. Her best pieces are often created while she is blindfolded too. Divine intervention must be at work or perhaps Addy hits the higher realms in her darkest moments. She is one of Singapore’s most exciting and creative artists!

 – Susan Christine McKenzie, English Language and Communication Specialist, and Ambassador of Peace, The Universal Peace Federation and the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace.


Addy’s art like a splash of colours draws you into a message of hope and positivity; to see life in all its shades and to appreciate it in all of its seasons.

– Melissa Lam, Managing Director, Showbiz Exchange.


Addy’s art always bring upon emotions of joy and elation within me, especially those that are created when she’s blind-folded, they are simply mesmerising!

– Nicholas Chee, Filmmaker and Founder of SINEMA Media.


“One word… “INSPIRING”. Whenever I look at Addy’s beautiful masterpieces, they never fail to inspire. They inspire me to create, be creative. They inspire me to search for my passion and be passionate. They inspire me to leave of my comfort zone and explore the unknown. But most importantly, they inspire me to LIVE LIFE. Her pieces never fail to move me… you cannot help but feel her passion, love and faith through her paintings.”

– Andria Wijaya, Jewellery Designer, Andria W.


Adeline’s art has a way of making you stop, think and wonder about the randomness of life; how every stroke, splash and streak of colour is but a reflection of the unpredictability of our existence; but also the joy of the unforeseen, and the assurance that the resilience of the human spirit will triumph above and beyond our consciousness.”

 – James Leong, Media Consultant.


Bold yet supremely delicate. Adeline’s exquisite repertoire of art pieces expresses a rare literary talent, one that has been richly cultivated by an introspective appreciation of life and a fearless spirit to live life.

– TAN ChinKar, Publisher, Write Editions.


Addy’s work has a very unique style. You look at them. You feel happy. What more can you expect from a piece of artwork!”

 – Eric Chan, Managing Director, PR Communications.


Engagement. Addy’s art is multi-dimensional. It moves, it speaks with you, it engages. I am drawn in and remains this day a big fan!

– Louis Ng, Honorary Consul for the Republic of Madagascar in Singapore.


“Addy’s art is a celebration, a party. The joy of her craft is apparent. Her art draws me into her world that is exuberant and real. There is a spirit of joy in her creations that personally moves me.”

-Danesh Daryanani, Author and Entrepreneur.


“As I immersed myself in the garden of love so beautifully created by Adeline set on what better grounds than our very own Fullerton Heritage Hotel, I find myself falling in love yet again. Love with her art, love of the beauty that surrounds us, love exuding from each and everyone around. It is a truly beautiful experience Addy and I thank you for believing in it, creating love and living love.” 

-Jasmine Chan, Senior Executive Manager, Advisor’s Clique representing Great Eastern Life Financial Advisers.



“Addy’s art shout out loud! They have many voices coming at you! Each has a story to tell and i feel the passion dashing, the energy bursting, the word is Power! The power of art speaks loudly. The vibrancy of colours and the many splashes that merge with emotions. I would love to dance to the rhythm and energy that have been set free!”

Dawn and CJ, Art Educators, IQkidz.



I love that the restorative nature of Addy’s pieces is universal and inclusive. Indeed, all five members of my family appreciate her art and this includes the three young kids. (Oh, did i mention that they love Aunty Addy too?) The outpouring of one’s innermost thoughts can make one vulnerable; yet Addy has chosen to share that of herself in order to speak to us. Much like her art, her candour and spirit are to be celebrated. 

– Kay Wong, Founder, Milky Way.


Aunty Bett

“Addy is like a daughter to me. She is so expressive, lovable and cheeky at times. I’ve invested in two of her art pieces and will be collecting many more. When i look at her art, they give me a sense of love and serenity. Addy is so blessed.”

Betty Wee, Head of Finance, Megaton Shipping Pte Ltd.



“Adeline’s art is an expression of her intense thought, a communication of her deep emotion and a revelation of her full life. Going by the vibrant colours of her every work, she epitomises zest, love and hope. Her art is herself.”

-Marie Monozca, Editor/Writer.



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