Art Commissions


Moodboard #2

6 August Alvin Chua


‘Le Binchotan’ Artwork for LE BINCHOTAN French-Japanese Tapas Bar @ 115 Amoy Street

Le Binchotan 2016 (1mx1.5m)

Le Binchotan_ART

Le Binchotan

Le Binchotan 2

Le Binchotan 7Le Binchotan 3 Le Binchotan 8Le Binchotan 9Le Binchotan 4 Le Binchotan 6

Le Binchotan_ST



Blossom 2016 (201cmx131cm)


Blossom_Kim Heng 2014:2016Blossom_Kim Heng 2 2014:2016Blossom_Kim Heng 3 2014:2016Blossom_Kim Heng 4 2014:2016


Si Wei Yan, Singapore’s most authentic Szechuan Restaurant @ 1 Club Street

Greater Kingdom 2016 (200cmx90cm)"To be Immortalized in Destiny"

Si Wei Yan 1

Si Wei Yan 2

Si Wei Yan 3


Personalised Signatures _ New Office

Unconditional Love 2014 (36×36 Inches) _ Painted Blindfolded

Art Commissions_1

Lawrence Kim


New Home

Just Like Heaven 2014 (200x135cm) _ With Poetry and Moodboard

Just Like Heaven 2014

15b Camden ParkJust Like Heaven_PoemJust Like Heaven (mood board)***

Wedding Anniversary

30 Years 2014 (48×60 Inches) 

30 Years Final_30Years Moodboard_30Years***

Work Promotion

A New Day I and II 2014 (double mural, part I: 36×48 Inches) 

A New Day I and II 2014 Final_A New Day 1 & 11 Moodboard_A New Day 1 & 11Jasmine Chan


A Proposal Painting

Right on Time (36×36 Inches) _ with visual guidelines 

Final_Right on Time 2014 couple kissing amongst trees tiger_wonderland_1***

A Fashion and Art Inspired Collection

‘Something Beautiful’ the Collection, with Milky Way (

Desire Pizazz Running with the Roses Something Beautiful VigorFeathersSomething Beautiful Invitation_12 September 2013Hangtag


The Brand NEW SGH SingHealth Academia

On Course for Cure 2013 (48×36 Inches)_ Painted Live

SGH SingHealth SGH SingHealth 2 SGH SingHealth 3 SGH SingHealth 4 SGH SingHealth 7SGH SingHealth 5 SGH SingHealth 6


INSTALLATION- Commissioned to paint on a BROMPTON

Installation Art_Acrylic on Raw Lacquer

Albert Khoo_Brompton***

Signature Art on Feature Wall @ Swettenham Road

Desire 2015 (90×16 Inches)

Desire @ 33 Swettenham Road Desire 2015AK


‘Tree of Life’ logo @ Firma Medical Centre, Novena Specialist Centre

Firma -1 Firma -2Firma -3Firma -4Miyabi***


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