BEAUTIFUL, LOVE 2012 Opening Night




Addy Christian Seguy2receiving bouquetreceiving bouquet 3David Virshup 4Dickson Lim Duke-NUSDuke-NUSEdward D Silva Addy Dean Duke-NUSGerman GuestsGuests and ArtGuests and Art 3guests looking at posterJasmine ChanLeia Addy Shazia Ondarin Ad and AddyPatrick AddyPaul, Addy, Catpretty galsShulyn Charlotte AddyYuki Paul Cat DadAddy and Book Publisher Chin KarAddy DaneshDickson AddyDirector of Marcom FullertonMel Addy Zach

Apb Susan LeongKat Jenny VVUncle Fred Addysignage

BEAUTIFUL, LOVE 2012 (15 Artworks)

Bedtime Stories (60×48 Inches)

Love 22

Artist statement: Like the stories we waited up for, the fondest memories were the tales that moved our hearts most. The best of times were also the moments where dreams actually came to life


Beautiful, LOVE (48×60 Inches)

Beautiful, Love

Artist statement: Enchanting, Awakening, like Perfume, like Love.


A Love Story (48×60 Inches)

Love 16

Artist statement: The language that surpasses all understanding, beyond chapters, beyond time, Love.


Vision Of Love (48×36 Inches)

Love 5

Artist statement: At first, a world beyond. Then, possibilities and newer realities.


Soul Of Love (48×36 Inches)

Love 6

Artist statement: Alone, but never lonely. A journey of a lifetime. I am with you always.


Strength Of Love (48×36 Inches)

Love 7

Artist statement: Like a tree planted by the waters which spreads out its roots by the river, and will not fear when heat comes. But its leaf will be green and will not be anxious in the year of drought, nor will cease from yielding fruit.

Wisdom Of Love (48×36 Inches)

Love 8Artist statement: Her ways are pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. On her right are length of days and on her left, riches and honour. Wisdom is, the principal thing.


Colour Of Love (36×48 Inches)

Love 9

Artist statement: Like beautiful and colourful stars above, twinkling, glittering, sparkling, living. Like candy, sweet, pungent, happy.


A Love Song (40×40 Inches)

Love 10

Artist statement: This is our song.


Birds Of Paradise (40×40 Inches)

Love 11

Artist statement: Fiery, like Passion.


Faith Walk (40×40 Inches)

Love 12

Artist statement: I will guide you, I will lead you. I will hold your hand, I will walk with you, all through eternity’


Crossing The Bridge (40×40 Inches)

Love 13

Artist statement: A new world, of new beginnings, of newer chapters, of happy days.


ONE (40×40 Inches)

Love 14

Artist statement: Love, multidimensional, but integral, As One.


 Falling In Love (39×39 Inches)

Love 17

Artist statement: A surrender of will, there are no boundaries, there is no distance. It is admiration, it is the drawing of One.


Title: Faith. Hope. Love. 90×30 Inches (Trilogy)

Artist statement: ‘What is your story?




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