My Enchanted Path



 An enchanted life, with slightly more magic and of starlight pickings, finds its way to you when you wave your magical wand, dream and say, “I see, I do, I shall…”


Right on Time 2014 (36×36 Inches)

Right on Time 2014
Artist Statement: You came into my life, swept me off my feet and rocked my world. You fed my love hunger and simply, appeared right on time.


When I Grow Up (24×24 Inches)

Artist statement: It was all about what I liked, loved and lived for.


River Crossings (24×24 Inches)

Sophie 2012

Artist statement: A hop in your walk and a skip in your heart!


 Freedom To Live (24×24 Inches)

Freedom to Live

Artist statement: When all i ever wanted was to be free as a bird.


Land of Dreams (30×30 Inches)

Artist statement: When we dream, we smile.


Starlight (24x24Inches)

Artist statement: Like tinker bell and all other beautiful things.


Dancing at Midnight (24×24 Inches)


Artist statement: The magic lamp lights up when we dance at midnight.


The Promise of Twilight (24x24Inches)

Artist statement: To faith and fantasy.



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