Playground Paradise 2010/2011

Lauren 4 August 2012


The world out there can sometimes bear its fair share of uncertainty. Wealth is created as such a fast pace, life is lived at a rush, time stands still for no one. How wonderful it is when a secret garden gets chanced upon. Where the heart finds respite in renewal, where the soul finds strength in restoration…


Just Like Home 2014 (30×24 Inches)

Just Like Home 2014

Artist Statement: I said ‘Yes’ to a man who has already said ‘Yes’ to God. Faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these, is Love.


Playground Paradise (36×36 Inches)

Artist statement: A wonderland of possibilities, a playground of opportunities, the enchanted forest, a whole new world of sight and sound. A dream reality.


Come Home to Love (36×48 Inches)

Artist statement: It was an enchanted path. I was going to live it forever.


Treasure Chest (24×48 Inches)

Artist statement: The secret key that opens the door to the world’s greatest treasures, finds its way only to the chosen one who holds the power to reign in life’s impossibilities.


 SKY (36×48 Inches)

Childhood Memories

Artist statement: The ride to paradise is just a heartbeat away, take flight, and fly.


Title: Carnival of Dreams (36×48 Inches)

Carnival of Dreams 2011

Artist statement: Like a myriad of colours, the wonderland of dreams light up as we traverse from one story to another, one land to another. As with all exciting beginnings, the fireworks explode when stories come to life!


 Magic Ladder (36×48 Inches)

The Magic Ladder

Artist statement:With each path, discovery awaits.


Title: Phoenix in Love (36×48 Inches)

Artist statement: For the heart doesn’t choose, the resurrection of love is eternal.


Miracle Pool (36×48 Inches)

Miracle Pool

Artist statement: The river that flows, living waters, a fountain of youth, like the tree of life, in Paradise.


 Prayer (24×24 Inches)


Artist Statement: A language on its own, closeness to the point of oneness, the love exists for just one person, unconditional, extraordinary.


 A Walk to Remember (36×48 Inches)

Victory, A Walk to Remember

Artist statement: The next chapter, the tale unfolds.



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