VIVA! Faith 2012


The Faith to Believe : “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” – Mark 9: 23

Move Within My Heart (36×36 Inches)

Faith 1

Artist statement: Like simple things well-arranged, it offers quiet inspiration. Or the simplest fare, that takes on elegant proportions. For it is in the details, that the eye lingers. And in the heart, that weighs in eloquence. Whispers of love, kissing receptions. Sunsets and shooting stars, moonlight and glistening lakes. When romance leaned over,  I received her and kissed right back. I touched her face and allowed her to move right into my heart.


 The Shadow of Beauty (24×24 Inches)

Faith 2

Artist statement: It makes you kind, It blesses. It leaves a sweet fragrance.


The Breakthrough (24×24 Inches)

The Breakthrough_ViVa 2012

Artist statement: You live on forever. You are my symbol of passion.


Celebration of Life! (36×36 Inches)

Faith 5

Artist statement: The strongest sword cannot scar its surface. Like the waters of a river that gathers the strength of all the other rivers, what was once fragile at its source will become absolute.


When Morning Stars Sing (24×24 Inches)

Faith 6

Artist statement: When faith inspires, there is a melody more beautiful than all the other beautiful stars above.




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