VIVA! Joy 2012


A Beautiful Life! (60×48 Inches)


Artist statement: I had great faith in my expedition. I had great faith in my power to create magic. I had great faith to create.


My Summer (48×36 Inches)


Artist statement: Dreams do come true. Can you hear it?


 A Billion Dollar Dream (36×48 Inches)

A Billion Dollar Dream

Artist statement: There were the thunders and lightings, there was rain, there was sunshine, there were many rainbows, and many waterfalls.


The Painter in Me (48×36 Inches)


Artist statement: There was rain upon my face, I saw the miracles. I witnessed them.


 Immortality (36×48 Inches)


Artist statement: . I would hop in my walk and skip in my heart. I wanted this freedom, to live and to love.


 My Kingdom (24×24 Inches)


Artist statement: The stories would matter, the drama would matter, the mysteries would be solved, and there would be room for expansion.


The Lover (Trilogy)


Artist statement: There was a longing, some kind of desire. I needed to protect it. It was a treasure. A gift.


Vision (24×24 Inches)


Artist statement: Like precious stones, clear as crystal, pure as gold, transparent as glass, glorious in power, might and strength.


Paradise (48×36 Inches)


Artist statement:  Love at its purest form is unmatchable, unbeatable, almost unbelievable and I fully understood how the resurrection of love can actually be eternal.


Silhouette (24×24 Inches)

JOY 10

Artist statement: It was just a picture I wanted to share to have you join me in that moment to have you feel and live that moment and to imagine everything else that surrounded it.


CAROUSEL (24×24 Inches)

JOY 11

Artist statement: All I ever wanted was an open bar, with ten thousand coloured pencils, to dream and draw.


Reflections (24×24 Inches)

JOY 12

Artist statement: A friend that counsels is a friend who cares. A friend who rebukes is a friend who loves. A friend that gives is a friend who trusts. A friend in need is a friend to keep. A friend to support is a friend to bless. A friend that hugs is a friend who understands intimately. A friend that heals is a friend for real. Be that friend.


Phoenix Rising (24x24Inches)

JOY 13

Artist statement: The sound of your voice. Your hand in mine.


Dancing in the Wind (36×48 Inches)

JOY 14

Artist statement: There were rubies, emeralds and diamonds all around me. I felt like a fairy princess. It was incredible.


Top of the World (36×36 Inches)

Top of the World

Artist statement: One night of beauty, A lifetime of joy.


 Kaleidoscope (24×24 Inches)

JOY 16

Artist statement: It was the most beautiful process, a spectacular unfolding.


A New Song (24×24 Inches)

JOY 17

Artist statement: I never knew how it all happened and when it had all begun. There was some kind of insanity but it felt good and right.


Waiting (36×48 Inches)

JOY 18

Artist statement: I opened the window and saw the forest. I loved the way it made me feel.


 Beautiful Garden (24×24 Inches)

JOY 19

Artist statement: It is now a beautiful place, the most beautiful garden in the Universe.






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