VIVA! Love 2012


The Love that Gives. Perfect love drives out fear. 1 John 4:18

VIVA! (36×36 Inches)

Titlepiece-ViVa! 2012

Artist statement: I felt it and I knew it. Like shimmering sea, I felt redeemed. Alive! To truly feel again, to be alive again, to be being.


 Unconditional Love (36×36 Inches)

Love 1

Artist statement: The heart does not choose. It is the language that surpasses all understanding.


Inseparable (48×36 Inches)

Love 2

Artist statement: I am a warrior of love, and of faith.


My Cottage of Love (36×36 Inches)

Love 3

Artist statement: I live to dream, To read, a page of joy.


My First Love (24×24 Inches)

Love 4

Artist statement: It was going to be a fascinating world, of wonders and songs, with flowing robes, dramatic music and lighting, like some kind of show.


 The Gift of Love (36×36 Inches)

Love 19

Artist statement: Smaller bubbles bearing hints of vanilla, cedar wood, frankincense. I dreamed of chamomile, and an ocean of lavender.


Enlightenment (24×24 Inches)

Love 20

Artist statement: I want to see more, to feel more, I want to wake up to a newer dawn.


A Love Prayer (24×24 Inches)

Love 21

Artist statement: Love believes all things, Love sees all things, Love preserves all things.




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