Scented Love 2014


Inspiration-Scented Love – The paintings are inspired by love and inspiration. They express the artist’s search for beautiful love, where she allowed her fingers to first dance on her canvases. To her, art is sacred and spiritual, as well as romantic and beautiful. It is like a love affair, her art and her, as One.


Blossom_Scented Love 2014

Adeline Yeo_Blossom, Scented Love_50cm x 70cmConvergence_Scented Love 2014

Adeline Yeo_Convergence, Scented Love_50cm x 70cmIntuition_Scented Love 2014

Adeline Yeo_Intuition, Scented Love_50cm x 70cm

Jubilee_Scented Love 2014

Adeline Yeo_Jubilee, Scented Love_50cm x 70cm

Inspiration_Scented Love 2014

Adeline Yeo_Rebirth, Scented Love_60cm x 100cmPlaque_AY
Splendour_Scented Love 2014

Adeline Yeo_Splendour, Scented Love_50cm x 70cm

Rebirth_Scented Love 2014

Spa registration level 1_11 Aug2014Signature_Scented Love 2014Adeline Yeo_Signature, Scented Love_250cm x 30cmSignature PlaqueBT 20 JuneArt @ One Farrer2014 ST Sept 20, One Farrer



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