Art Collaborations/Special Projects




Her World’s “Bare for Hope” Campaign (in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month) to tie in with Her World’s 55th Anniversary

Contribution to the Her World initiative: Painting on 55 3-D prints of women’s breasts, which formed the shape of a ribbon (a reference to the pink ribbon that is the international symbol of breast cancer awareness). An exhibition of the art piece was displayed at the Paragon atrium from Oct 17-25. The inaugural Her World Bare for Hope was presented by Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC), supported by the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) and Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) and sponsored by VDL and Paragon.


invitationEvent 10Event 11Event 12Event 3Event 7Event 8Event 1 Event 2Event 15Event 4 Event 5 Event 6Event 9

Event 14


SG50 Totes Unleashed by Majority Media and Zan Magazine benefiting the Children’s Cancer Society

In celebration of SG50, another happy cute project with Majority Media and Zan Magazine with Totes Unleashed, with the sales of art tote “A Love Story” benefiting the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Art totes were sold out 2 months ahead of its official debut in August 2015, Singapore.

Zan Collage 1

Zan FBA Love Story_Beautiful LOVE 2012.M Scan smallZan 02 Scan small

Zan Scan small

Zan Collage 2 Zan Collage 3


Kick Sarcoma Silk Road Soiree “A Celebration of Life” Charity Art Auction For the benefit of The Sarah-Grace Sarcoma Foundation

October 4th 2014, The Silk Road Soiree fundraiser organized by The Sarah-Grace Sarcoma Foundation was held at the Pan Pacific Hotel. In collaboration with Jada Art Gallery, Maya Gallery and Adeline Yeo, the Foundation promoted the Foundation’s mission from the commissioned art exhibition, “A Celebration of Life” to raise sarcoma awareness. The Sarah-Grace Sarcoma Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization created to address the lack of high level research in order to improve sarcoma patient survival. The Foundation currently has an alliance of researchers, patient groups and medical professionals who aim to understand the origin and course of sarcoma as majority of sarcomas recur unpredictably to the lungs without prior warning. The Foundation also aims to reinvigorate the clinical development of new drugs and new therapeutic strategies.

Event Brochure Set Up

Silent Auction Addy Art Addy Art Guest Addy Val Table GuestsEvent Pics 1 Event Pics 2 Event Pics 3 Spirited 2013

Event Pics 5Event Pics 6Addy_KH



A Collaboration of Art and Fashion

September 12th 2013 was a night of creativity and glamour at Oca Grassa. “Something Beautiful” showcased Singapore designer Kay Wong of Milky Way and specialist finger-painting artist Adeline Yeo’s gorgeous creations. Items including dresses, co-ordinates and scarves from the limited-edition collection were modelled by Kay and Adeline and trendsetters Susan Ho, Andria Widjaya, Lydia Lim, Catherine Ng, Frances Low and Jessica Lim. “Something Beautiful” stands proud for what it is – a fusion of art and fashion, and an alluring journey of friendship and womanhood.

“Something Beautiful” is available for online retail at

Fabrics: Silk Satin, Silk Chiffon, Polyester Chiffon, Rayon Spandex. The collection’s range of scarves is also available at The Shop, The Arts House, Singapore.

ModelsKay SK Addy Kay AddyKitty for Opening Addy SM DressJoanna Frances AddyAddy Saskia Bro Kitty AddyAndria Lynn Andria Jess Sylvia Andy Addy Pat Sandrine Leia Shahiran, Mariama, Nishi B, AmandaSerene Addy TS MelissaLisa, Felda Addy SharelAddy Amy Kay SignageSomething Beautiful Invitation_12 September 2013HangtagFor The Love_of_Art***

Estee Lauder’s ‘Circle of Strength’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2013

The BCA 2013 Campaign had evolved from “awareness” to “action” to enhance Estee Lauder Companies’ contribution to education and medical research. An art auction based on the theme “Circle of Strength” for the 2013 Campaign showcased works by Adeline Yeo and 3 other selected Singapore artists. The commissioned artwork donated by Adeline titled, ‘Whispers of an Angel’ was bidded and sold, making a difference to raising $100,000 that sponsored 2000 mammograms for deserving low-income women.

Artwork PicAddy_Tangs2Addy_Tangs3Addy_TangsAddy_Tangs4Addy_Tangs5Estee Lauder 2013Studio pic

Estee Lauder 2013 LOA



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